California Flame by Mira Gibson


Eager to pay it forward, Greer Langley arrives in northern California to teach sculpture at the inaugural Hope Falls Art Camp with her boyfriend and fellow artist, Hunter Black.

The landscape is breathtaking, the students are lively, and though five days in a quaint town should feel like a vacation, darkness clouds Hunter’s mood and for the life of her, Greer can’t understand why…

And Hunter plans to keep it that way. Some secrets are meant to stay buried and if Greer keeps digging for the truth of his troubled past, it could tear them apart. But when they meet a young boy with the same hidden scars as Hunter, the sculptors discover that art doesn’t simply imitate life, it can also save it.

The Bridge & Tunnel Romances continue in author, Melanie Shawn’s fictional world of Hope Falls, California in this dark and highly emotional romance.

***Author’s note: California Flame can be read as a stand-alone book. For the origin story between Greer Langley and Hunter Black, please read Brooklyn Flame from my Bridge & Tunnel Romance series.***


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