Love Remains by Julie Prestsater


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Prestsater, Love Remains is a romantic comedy where time is just a number on a clock and falling in love comes easy when you know what you want.

Dina gave her boss the bird, peeled out of the parking lot of the office, and didn’t look back. It was the first time in forever she didn’t have a plan. Her days, weeks, months, even years were planned out in fifteen minute increments filled with corporate meetings, lunches, and dinners. She drove for miles and miles, and hours and hours, before it clicked. She was headed to the last place she truly felt happy. A picturesque mountain town filled with character and characters.

Hope Falls was billed to provide rest, relaxation, and romance.

Romance? If that was an option, she’d definitely need to stop for a toothbrush.

And a razor.

Avery had spent the last week in Hope Falls and the quaint town had grown on him. After retiring as a hotshot firefighter, he had some downtime before deciding what came next, so he moved in to the local bed & breakfast—the one that was thought to have a love spell cast upon it. Rumor had it, you entered single, and left head over heels in love. Avery had failed miserably in the romance department so he welcomed the chance to test the theory, if the right woman came along.

Single and ready to mingle, Dina & Avery may be the next couple to fall victim to this charming home.


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