Thanksgiving in Sunny SoCal

One of the beautiful things about living in Southern California is the lovely sunny fall season we have.   There is a myth that we never have cold, dank weather here.  We do.  We just have it June. 😀

You see, throughout June (and some of May and some of July), there is a thick fog-like atmosphere until mid-afternoon most days.  Technically, it’s the marine layer.  Locals call it “June Gloom.”  It’s like a little slice of winter smack in the middle of spring-turning-into-summer.

However, for me, the depressing start to summer we have is offset in spades by the amazing autumns we are blessed with – sunny, warm, bright, and brilliant.  This fantastic weather often lasts all the way through Christmas!

And, of course, if you miss the snow and ice, you can always go down to the Christmas Tree at The Grove, where they make it snow twice a night.  Or, to the outdoor skating rink that’s erected every year at the Westfield Promenade in Woodland Hills.  Best of both worlds!

The photos in this post are of our Thanksgiving meal, which we enjoyed outside on the balcony, under the canopy of palm trees.  Don’t be jealous! 😀

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