This Qualifies As An Appetizer…Right?

I am going to a rooftop barbecue with Mr. Hercules (AKA – best dog ever!) and some of my girlfriends tonight. Hopefully Hercules will find the fireworks to be awe-inspiring and beautiful…you know, as opposed to terrifying, as he usually does. Fingers crossed! One can hope.

Anyway, I was given instructions to bring an appetizer. I was told by my host (the amazing Maryam of, btw! 😀) that it would be fine to “keep it simple” – and that I have done, my friends!

Behold my brilliant “appetizer” –

I think a bottle of Moscato qualifies as an appetizer, don’t you?? After all, my reasoning is…these ladies like things that are sweet, and they like things that are alcoholic. Why not combine the two? 😀

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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