Treasured Kiss by Virna DePaul


MMA trainer Alder Hanson heads to Las Vegas ready to party hard; instead, he finds himself bored out of his mind. Then he runs into Dara Brennan, a beautiful brunette with sea green eyes who pleads with him to fill in as a stripper for her friend’s bachelorette party. Unable to resist her, Alder negotiates his fee: a kiss. Only Alder finds one kiss isn’t nearly enough. When given the opportunity to train Dara’s MMA fighter cousin, Alder jumps at the chance—it means more time with Dara, and a chance to win the greatest prize of his life: her heart.

Note: Treasured Kiss is a standalone novella in the Hope Falls Kindle World. It connects to Lucky Kiss, a Hope Falls novel by Melanie Shawn (where you first meet Alder), and What Love Can Do, Book One in the Home To Green Valley Series by Virna DePaul (where you first meet Dara). It can be read on its own!


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